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Univac Consulting Engineers
F-10, Industrial Area, Udyog Nagar,
Rohtak Road, New Delhi - 110041
Tel : +91-11-4571 8480,
Mobile : +91-81304 71841
Steel Rolling Mills Consultancy Services :-
Hot Rolling

Green Field Projects

Design and engineering of bar mills of capacity upto 1.2 million tons per year.
Development of layout designs for smooth operations and material flow
Development of equipment specifications based on clients’ preferences.
Design and engineering of plant utilities.
Selection and design of appropriate Roll Pass design.
Selection of appropriate materials for rolls and guides.
Formulation of standard operating practices in Rolling Mills

Brown Field Projects

Productivity improvement with and without investments.
Upgrading technology
Cost reduction
Energy consevation
Technical audit
Hot Rolling: Product Development

Slit Rolling Technology – design and implementation
Direct Rolling of As-Cast Billets

Growing fuel oil prices are adversely affecting the price of finished hot rolled products thereby making it difficult for the mills to compete in the market. To overcome this difficulty, more and more bar mills are now looking for rolling of as-cast billets taken directly from continuous casting machines. The concept has been successfully tried in various mills.

Univac Consulting Engineers (UCE) also offer solutions to mills for direct rolling of as-cast billets. UCE has done complete engineering for a bar mill to produce TMT bars without reheating furnace and induction heating.