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Solar Panel
Solar panels, also called photovoltaic or PV modules as it directly converts sunlight into electricity. It reduces the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels by supplying your operations with clean, renewable energy from the sun. By providing more energy and lasting longer than other brands, Univac solar panels are the best choice for cutting your carbon footprint down to size.

Our job Responsibilities :
Technology has advanced to such a level that many homes can receive the majority of their electrical supply directly through sunlight. Naturally, this means that a suitably sized solar panel array is properly mounted to the home. Our responsibility starts from the design and planning of the project at site. Our engineering team conducts a full review of the structure before the project can start including an audit of the current electrical system and development of any site-specific safety precautions. The project is then designed based on the shading and structural qualities of the site and the type of photovoltaic system being installed. After the design and specifications are finalized, the permits are obtained from the relevant local or state governments

Roughly a good 5 kW system for a home would cost around Rs 5-7 lakhs to setup (at retail price of around Rs 50-60 per Wp) , which can provide electricity for 25 years. MNRE provides 30% capital subsidy on capital expenditures for rooftop solar systems for both commercial and residential entities for systems up to 100 kW. The government also provides loans at 5% per annum for 50% of the capital expenditure for 5 years tenure for both commercial and residential entities.

Univac Consulting Engineers is one of the leading exporter of solar panel in India. Univac undertakes complete solar panel installation, including rooftop and standalone solar systems on trunkey basis that includes components supply, the operations of solar panel and maintenance thenafter on annual contract..  .
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Solar powered Petrol Pumps : -
We offer excellent quality Solar Power Pack For Petrol Pump to our valuable clients. Univac has complete solution for Petrol Pumps Energy Requirements, starting from exact need of energy to Design to implementation to operation and after sales support.

Univac provides solution in these way -
1. Only Office & outer can Design with Solar & Led light
2. Pump Nozzle Can Also Run with Solar
3. Complete load can convert on Solar