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Gravity Dispensers / Gravity Bins / Scoop Bins: - "We dream our dispensers will be used in all the successful businesses across the world."

Gravity Dispensers, Gravity Bins & Scoop Bins  are a new concept for Indian FMCG industry. While giving your customers the ability to see their foods may be a benefit to them, it can also help you to boost sales. This is because some customers may be more inclined to make a purchase through visual marketing efforts. The fact is that investing in an acrylic ice cream topping dispenser may be a great idea for your business. 

The core to any bulk foods section are dispenser bins. They are where you can display and offer your dry foods, whether they are grains, cereals, spices, candy, or even dog food. Univac knows this, which is why we offer a wide variety of gravity and scoop bins from leading brands to give you the means to showcase your bulk items.

Univac Group India manufactures and exports wide range of gravity dispensers in the brand name of Bliss. Ice Cream Topping Dispensers, Candy Dispensers, Dry Food Dispensers, Cereal Dispensers and Snack Dispensers are Univac's expertise but on demand can develop dispensers for other uses also.
Understanding Bulk Food Bins
If you’re beginning to create your own bulk section, whether it’s for grains and nuts or candy and ice cream toppings, you’ll want to know the key component are bins and dispensers. Univac allows you to stock various bulk items, while customers can fill their bags with whatever products they need. There are different types bulk bins that will help you fulfill your needs. Let’s go over some of them.
Gravity Dispensers / Gravity Bins
Another great type of bulk bin are gravity dispensers. They function quite differently from scoop bins. Customers place their bag underneath the funnel, pull down the lever, and let the product fall into the bag until they filled it enough. Many bins have some form of flow control to increase or decrease the speed in which food leaves the bin. The design of the bins is thin and sleek, meaning that you can put many more dispensers in a row. That allows for a greater diversity in products. With gravity bins, dry foods come out fast. That’s why they’re ideal for bulk foods that customers get a single bag for, as well as those that won’t leave a major mess when spilled. For example, dried beans, legumes, and rice are good products to place in these dispensers. Snack mixes also work well with gravity bins, since you can just dump, shake, and have your mix. That’s why they’re good for nuts, seeds, sesame sticks and wasabi peas.

Scoop Bins
Scoop bins do exactly what they say: They allow customers to scoop out the item and put it in their bag or carton. Many modern scoop bins have an L-shaped two-lid design. This gives you the ability to stock more product out front, reducing the need to restock. Plus, restocking is easy: Just simply pull out the bin, open the top lid, and re-stock. A large number of bins have a front façade to clearly show what product is in them, even when it’s not full. Customers access the product through the bottom lid. The primary benefit of scoop bins is that it’s easier to control the product with a scoop, thus keeping the area clean. That’s why these dispensers are great for grain-based products, including flour and granola, where messes are more likely. It’s also great for candies such as gummi bears and chocolates, as well as dried fruit. It’s more fun to scoop up these items and mix and match. Similarly, if you set up an ice cream bar, scoop bins make great topping dispensers.
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